Piae Cantiones
Early Finnish Vocal Music

Helsinki Chamber Choir
Timo Nuoranne, conductor

Finnish traditional


Booklet with liner notes in English, German, French and Finnish and the sung texts in the original Latin and in Finnish


November 1998

Catalogue No.:
ODE 918-2


Track listing

CD 67:43
1 Iucundare iugiter 1:38
2 Iucundare iugiter 2:40
3 Cedit hiems eminus 3:26
4 Cedit hiems eminus 3:26
5 Aetas carmen melodiae 1:19
6 Aetas carmen melodiae 1:39
7 Iesu dulcis memoria 3:04
8 Ramus virens olivarum 6:51
9 Ave funda Davidis 2:00
10 Zachaeus arboris 1:32
11 Puer natus in Bethlehem 3:11
12 De radice processerat 3:35
13 Verbum caro factum est 2:35
14 Omnis mundus iucundetur 0:44
15 Paranymphus adiens 1:28
16 Laetetur Ierusalem 1:28
17 Resonet in laudibus 2:48
18 Jumalisten joucko 2:15
19 Ad cantus laetitiae 0:46
20 Parvulus nobis nascitur 1:48
21 Kunniallisuuden hyvyys 2:52
22 Vanitatum vanitas 1:59
23 Coeperit faustis 3:51
24 Insignis est figura 2:17
25 Mars praecurrit in planetis 2:56
26 Mirum si laeteris 2:19
27 Ad perennis vitae fontem 2:00

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Complete description

The medieval Latin songs on this recording are taken from the collection of Piae Cantiones ecclesiasticae et scholasticae veterum episcoporum ('Devout ecclesiastical and school songs of the old bishops'). Its first edition was published in 1582 by Theodoricus Petri Nylandensi (also known as Theodoric Petri of Nyland; c. 1560-1630). The first Finnish edition of the songs dating from 1616 contains among the earliest Finnish poetry.

Intended for the pupils of the Turku Cathedral School, these mostly religious and partly secular songs were originally compiled by its rector Jacobus Finno and remained popular in Finnish schools until the 19th century. The Piae Cantiones collection of songs is without doubt one of Finland's greatest musical treasures, forming a link to the European cultural centres of the Middle Ages.