Kaija Saariaho: Trios

Steven Dann, viola
Pia Freund, soprano
Tuija Hakkila, piano
Mikael Helasvuo, flute
Florent Jodelet, percussion
Anssi Karttunen, cello
Ernst Kovacic, violin

Finnish contemporary


Booklet with liner notes in English and Finnish and the song text in original language (English)


September 2012 (international)
October 2012 (Finland)

Catalogue No.:
ODE 1189-2


Track listing

CD 77:25
Kaija Saariaho (1952-2023)
1 Mirage (2007; chamber version) for soprano, cello and piano 15:17
Cloud Trio (2009) for violin, viola and cello 16:12
2 I. Calmo, meditato 3:01
3 II. Sempre dolce, ma energico, sempre a tempo 3:46
4 III. Sempre energico 2:34
5 IV. Tranquillo ma sempre molto espressivo 6:50
6 Cendres (1998) for alto flute, cello and piano 9:57
Je sens un deuxième coeur (2003) for viola, cello and piano 19:07
7 I. Je dévoile ma peau 4:21
8 II. Ouvre-moi, vite! 2:16
9 III. Dans le rêve, elle l’attendait 4:10
10 IV. Il faut que j’entre 2:34
11 V. Je sens un deuxième coeur qui bat tout près du mien 5:45
Serenatas (2008) for percussion, cello and piano 16:03
12 Delicato 2:49
13 Agitato 3:13
14 Dolce 1:22
15 Languido 5:41
16 Misterioso 2:56

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Complete description

With the ongoing project to record Kaija Saariaho's music Ondine is pleased to present a release of her chamber music works. Known for her skills in colorful orchestration, Saariaho manages to employ her palette in the service of chamber music as well, with impressive variety.

The trios are composed for different combinations of instruments, each of them demonstrating their individual space and color spectrum. Ondine has previously released the orchestral version of Mirage, this new recording marks the world première of the trio version. All musicians on the recording have a long term devotion and experience of performing Saariaho's music.

The release also marks Kaija Saariaho's 60th anniversary on 14th of October 2012.