Ondine shortlisted for the Gramophone Awards 2019 (30.08.2019)











Shortlist for the Gramophone Awards has been announced today. The shortlist includes two Ondine recordings: album of Dvorák Piano Trios (https://ondine.lnk.to/ODE13162OW) by Christian Tetzlaff, Tanja Tetzlaff and Lars Vogt in the chamber music category, as well as an album of works by Julian Anderson (https://ondine.lnk.to/ODE13132OW), including the oratorio 'Heaven is Shy of Earth' and ballet 'The Comedy of Change', conducted by the late Oliver Knussen in the category of contemporary music.


In 2018, Christian Tetzlaff's recording of the Bartók's Violin Concertos (ODE 1317-2) won a Gramophone Award in the concerto category. Julian Anderson's previous album with Oliver Knussen on Ondine, released in 2006, also won a Gramophone Award.