Olli Kortekangas
Messenius and Lucia - Opera in Two Acts

Oulu Chamber Choir
Oulu Symphony Orchestra
Ynnin Pojat Boys' Choir
Arvo Volmer, conductor
Paula Etelävuori, contralto
Jouni Kokora, bass-baritone
Jaakko Kuusela, baritone
Essi Luttinen, mezzo-soprano
Hannu Niemelä, baritone
Päivi Nisula, soprano
Kasper Parkkinen, vocalist
Riku Pelo, baritone
Jani Posti, vocalist
Elli Seeskorpi, vocalist
Niklas Spångberg, bass
Pertti Sveholm, spoken role
Lassi Virtanen, tenor

Finnish contemporary


2 CDs; booklet with liner notes and synopsis in English, German, French and Finnish, and the libretto in the original Finnish and in English


June 2006

Catalogue No.:
ODE 1073-2D


Track listing

CD1 50:07
Olli Kortekangas (1955-)
Messenius and Lucia
1 Act I 50:07

CD2 51:48
Olli Kortekangas (1955-)
Messenius and Lucia
1 Act II 51:48

Press review

This production is very much on the highest level, in terms of vocal performances, sound, and technique. (...) It aims at a general audience without being opportunistic.
- Michael Kube, FonoForum, October 2006, Music***** / Sound*****

Complete description

World première recording - The opera was commissioned by the City of Oulu in northern Finland as part of its 400th anniversary and premiered there on September 16th, 2005. The recording features leading soloists from the Finnish National Opera, as well as the ensembles of the premiere performance. The libretto by Juha Seppälä combines true historical drama with a fictitious mismatched love story. The story, in two acts, traces the life of Swedish historian Johannes Messenius, a popular lecturer at the university of Upsala, who fell foul of powerful people and was sent into exile. Messenius and his wife Lucia spent twenty years as prisoners at Kajaani castle in eastern Finland, where he wrote his most lauded works. He died in Oulu less than a year after his release, in 1636.