Land of the Midnight Sun
Music and Images from Finland

Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra
Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra
Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra
Tapiola Sinfonietta
Tapiola Choir
Virtuosi di Kuhmo
Peter Csaba, conductor
Leonid Grin, conductor
Tuomas Hannikainen, conductor
Sakari Oramo, conductor
Jorma Panula, conductor
Erkki Pohjola, conductor
Leif Segerstam, conductor
Ulf Söderblom, conductor
Gustav Djupsjöbacka, piano
Jorma Hynninen, baritone
Soile Isokoski, soprano
Helena Juntunen, soprano
Kari Kriikku, clarinet
Olli Mustonen, piano
Marita Viitasalo, piano

Finnish contemporary
Finnish traditional

Photo album + CD (tourist compilation)


Digipak with full colour booklet, containing liner notes in English and Finnish and numerous illustrations


June 2006

Catalogue No.:
ODE 1093-2


Track listing

CD 60:20
Jean Sibelius (1865-1957)
Rakastava (The Lover), Op. 14
1 Rakastava (The Lover) 3:57
Suite champêtre, Op. 98b
2 Mélodie élégiaque 3:19
Erkki Melartin (1875-1937)
Prinsessa Ruusunen (Sleeping Beauty Suite), Op. 22
3 Minuet 3:08
4 Butterfly Waltz 2:02
5 Minä metsän polkuja kuljen (Along forest paths I wander) 1:49
Ilmari Hannikainen (1878-1951)
6 Rauha (Peace) 2:17
Bernhard Henrik Crusell (1775-1838)
Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra in E-flat Major, Op. 1
7 Adagio 3:24
Jean Sibelius (1865-1957)
Bagatelles, Op. 34
8 Valse 1:45
9 Souvenir 1:41
10 Danse Pastorale 0:46
11 Reconnaissance 0:42
12 Jouer de harpe 1:37
Einojuhani Rautavaara (1928-2016)
Concerto for Birds and Orchestra "Cantus Arcticus" (1972)
13 Melancholy 4:17
Toivo Kuula (1883-1918)
14 Aamulaulu (Morning Song) 1:43
Martti Turunen (1902-1979)
15 Sunnuntai (Sunday) 3:20
16 Jo Karjalan kunnailla (The Hills of Karelia) 2:21
17 Soittajapaimen (The Piper Shepherd) 1:38
18 Orvon huokaus (An Orphan's Sigh) 2:44
Väinö Raitio (1891-1945)
Kesäkuvia Hämeestä (Summer pictures from Häme)
19 Kesäyö (Summer Night) 2:26
20 Paimenlaulu (Herdsman’s Song 2:09
21 Kukkien kuningatar (Queen of the Flowers) 3:03
Leevi Madetoja (1887-1947)
Syksy-sarja (Autumn song cycle), Op. 68
22 Lintu sininen (Bluebird) 1:59
23 Tule kanssani (Take My Hand), Op. 9/3 2:04
Erkki Melartin (1875-1937)
Symphony No. 1 in C minor, Op. 30/1 (1902)
24 Scherzo 5:14

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Complete description

This special photo album + CD product illustrates the unforgettable experience of summers in Finland, which have inspired so many Finnish composers to write some of their greatest works.

Finland is perhaps best known for its peacefulness and beautiful nature: vast forests, a unique archipelago and thousands of lakes present a striking mixture of wooded hills and waters. The best season to discover this pristine wilderness is summer, which in Finland is characterized by long days and - in more norther regions where the sun is visible for continuous 24 hours - by the dazzling phenomenon of the Midnight Sun.

15 outstanding nature photographs and 24 tracks of wonderful Finnish classical music invite to discover or remember the uniqueness of Finland as Land of the Midnight Sun.