Karita Mattila
From the Heart of Finland

Karita Mattila, soprano
Ilmo Ranta, piano

Finnish traditional



Booklet with liner notes in English, German, French and Finnish, and the song lyrics in the original Finnish and in English


October 1996

Catalogue No.:
ODE 892-2


Track listing

CD 58:26
Toivo Kuula (1883-1918)
1 Aamulaulu (Morning Song) 1:26
Oskar Merikanto (1868-1924)
2 Kullan murunen (Thou art a nugget of gold), Op. 20 No. 1 1:23
3 Pai, pai paitaressu (Bye Bye My Sweet Swaddled Baby), Op. 2 No. 1 2:40
4 Soi vienosti murheeni soitto (Play Softly, Thou Tune of My Mourning), Op. 36 No. 3 2:11
5 Kottarainen (The Starling) 1:03
6 Ma elän! (I Am Alive!) 1:29
7 Omenankukat (Apple blossom) 1:20
8 Kevätlinnuille etelässä (To The Spring Birds in The South), Op. 11 No. 1 1:51
9 Kansanlaulu (Folk Song) 2:03
10 Laula, tyttö (Sing to Me, Girl) 0:51
11 Kun päivä paistaa (When the Sun Shines) 1:59
Erkki Melartin (1875-1937)
12 Mirjamin laulu I (Miriam's Song I) 1:47
13 Mirjamin laulu II (Miriam's Song II) 2:53
Toivo Kuula (1883-1918)
14 Syystunnelma (Autumn mood) 2:57
15 Tuijotin tulehen kauan (Long Gazed I into the Fire) 4:51
16 Marjatan laulu (Marjatta's Song) 4:19
17 Kesäyö kirkkomaalla (Summer Night in the Churchyard) 2:55
18 Imandran laulu (Imandra's Song) 2:37
19 Sinipiika (The Forest Maid) 2:52
Yrjö Kilpinen (1892-1959)
20 Laululle (To The Song), Op. 52/3 1:46
21 Suvilaulu (Summer Song) 1:22
22 Minun kultani kaunis on (Ah, How Fair My Sweetheart Is) 1:32
23 Hilu hilu (Hullabaloo) 1:09
24 Soittajapaimen (The Piper Shepherd) 2:15
25 Läksin minä kesäyönä (A Wandring on a Summer's Eve) 2:29
26 Tule, tule kultani (Come, Hurry My Darling) 2:31

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Diapason d'or

Press review

Hilary Finch, Gramophone, March 1998

Mattila's lovely voice and artistry are powerful advocacy for this music.

Vivian Liff, American Record Guide, July/August 1997

Karita Mattila is an ideal champion of her native country's music.
André Tubeuf, Diapason, January 1997, Diapason d'or

Complete description

This CD features soprano Karita Mattila with a selection of art and folk songs by Toivo Kuula, Oskar Merikanto, Erkki Melartin and Yriö Kilpinen - young contemporaries of Jean Sibelius. Karita Mattila is partnered on piano by Ilmo Ranta.